Tips on Writing Unique Web Content

Unique web content is more important than web content itself. In order for the content to improve your website’s page rank and get bumped up in search results, it must be unique without portions of the content found elsewhere on the web. To achieve this, you must be careful with how you write the content and make sure it is 100% unique and passes sites like Copyscape that verify it is not plagiarized.

Choose Original Topics

The first step to producing unique web content like articles and blog posts is by choosing original topics, or original spins on topics there are thousands of articles on the web, many of which are very similar to each other. If you have a broad subject at mind, try narrowing it down to be relevant and specific, yet not exactly like another article. Try searching with your preferred search engine for a similar piece using keywords you have researched and find out how many other articles are similar to it. If you find 20 different articles about the same exact topic as what you want to write about, either choose a new topic entirely or put a new spin on it so you aren’t repeating what has already been said.

Research Without Copying

When conducting your research, it can be easy to copy and paste information into your word document and attempt to re-write it. However, while you are using your own words, this can make it more difficult to produce a truly unique article. To avoid it, instead jot down notes of what you find while researching the topic instead of doing the copy and paste method. This lets you truly turn the notes into your own writing and avoid unique disputes later on. It also gives you the opportunity of switching the content around to put your own spin on it.

Verify the Originality

In order to be sure it will be unique to search engines, choose a plagiarism checker that lets you paste your article and verify its originality. These plagiarism checkers may be free or require a fee per check. Copyscape, for example, will charge $0.05 each time to check content, but it is also one of the most popular and reputable plagiarism checkers around. It is easy to use too; all you do is copy your article, paste it into the text box, and click the button to find out if any copies are found. If not, you know your content is unique. If they find copies, it might just be a phrase or a couple sentences that are similar. Take those sentences in your original copy, re-write them and run it through the plagiarism checker again.