Proper Methods for Backlinking Content

Writing articles and putting them on different websites than your own is becoming more popular. When you find a site that has information or products that are complementary to your own, you can add a link in the article that will take them to your site. Unless you do not want people visiting your site, and why would you even have one if that were the case, it is a good way to get more people to see what you have. To get the most of out of backlinking, there are a few things you need to do when creating the article and hyperlink.

Always Make Sure the Content is Relevant

Having a link in an article about pest control that goes back to your site about liposuction is not good form. Make sure that whatever you are linking to has to do with the anchor text in the article and that it has some type of meaning to what you are writing about. In fact, it is considered such bad form that many search engines and ad placement agencies will mark the link as spam. In certain cases, sites such as Google Adsense will consider the link to be a fraudulent link and may shut down an adsense account completely. This could link to lower ranking and loss of certain PR level status for the site.

Have the Link Open a New Tab or Page

Having a link open to a new window or tab is a common courtesy that the site should extend to readers. When you are putting an article on someone’s site you are a guest. By offering the option to have the link open in a new tab, you allow the reader to remain on the initial website while viewing a different website. This becomes especially important in cases of guest posts. Though this is considered to be common courtesy for many guest bloggers, you may find that it is stated in the guidelines for the site as well.

Do Not Promote Your Site within the Article

An article should be just that, information about a subject. It is not meant to be a publicity tool. If you are selling something, do it on your own site. A backlink should be a simple hypertext on a phrase that pertains to a topic featured on the site. This becomes incredibly confusing for some individuals who may be concerned with the backlink to their site being seen. When an individual reads a post that backlinks to an article or blog on the same topic they will land on your site. It does not matter what portion of the site they land on so long as they land on the site itself. Also remember, you do not, and should not, put “click here for more information about…” The underlined blue text will be enough for people to know more information can be found at a different site. Simply make sure the link is connected to anchor text related to the topic.

The last tip is to write a clear, concise and well formatted article that gives a lot of information. It can be tempting to leave out certain aspects of the article for your own site. Remember, with proper writing techniques you will be able to more than make up for what you leave out on backlinked content.