Creating Web Content Product Reviews

You would not believe the amount of product reviews that are needed for web content on a continual basis. Every site that sells merchandise uses reviews to help sell their content. The better the review, the more they sell. You can significantly increase your sales with product reviews.

Only Write a Review for a Product You Have Used

You do not want to get in trouble for false advertising. Even if you have read all the reviews on the item, it is still better to know what you are talking about first-hand. Reading what someone else wrote and paraphrasing it is not truly reviewing a product. You will find that some clients and site owners may choose to write about products they have never used or may ask for product reviews that are positive reflections of their product or service. Though this can be done, it is considered a form of Black Hat advertising.

Write about the Benefits and Features of the Products

Describe the product and tell if it has any design flaws. People do not expect a product to be perfect and will not believe your review if you try to say it is. Spend time going over the different features of the device. If it has something unique, go into detail about it. Explain how the feature works and why it is important to the device. Talk about what consumes will get from using it. Tell how it saves time or makes something better.

Make Lists of the Good Things and the Not-so-good Things about the Item

Always list both the pros and cons of any product you are reviewing. If you are trying to promote sales of the item, turn each con around if possible, say something like “While I do not like the funny color of this device, many people find it refreshing to have one that doesn’t look like all the others on the market.” If you have read negative reviews on the item, put down the problem and then turn it around by saying you did not have the same trouble.

Do Not Mention Price

Even a simple product description on your own website should not have the price in the copy. It will be listed beside the product picture or underneath and that should be enough. If you are writing a long review and are comparing it to other similar devices, you can mention a range for the price but should not lock down a specific price. Different vendors may have different prices and you do not want your description to be seen as wrong.

Use Simple Language

Even when writing about some technology device, you want to keep your language as simple as possible. If you are using abbreviations make sure you spell them out the first time you use them. While you do not want readers to feel you are speaking down to them, you also do not want to make them feel dumb. A good product description should take anywhere from 500 to 1,000 words unless it is just a very simple or common product. You want to let the customer know exactly what it is they are looking at and why they should buy it instead of something else.