Reasons to Avoid Rewrites and Ask for Unique Content Instead

When it comes to requesting content for your website, it can be tempting to have poorly written content or outdated content rewritten instead of paying for unique content. However, there are many reasons why you should avoid doing this and instead pay a little more for unique content. The following reasons should give you a good idea of the advantages unique content has over rewritten articles or blog posts.

Avoid Plagiarism

The best way to avoid plagiarized content on your website is to ask for unique content. While you may also run the rewrite through a program like Copyscape, it doesn’t mean a search engine isn’t going to see the rewrite as being copied from other content. By asking for unique content, the writer starts fresh with their own research and wording choices which ensures 100% unique content and not having to worry about plagiarism. If you publish plagiarized content, not only will you have to remove it and experience the loss after paying the writer, you will have a much lower reputation which can hurt your business, and search engines like Google and Yahoo! are going to penalize you for it.

High Quality Writing

Rewriting content can be written in such a way it appears like fresh content, but many times writers find it difficult to use their own writing style when rewriting as opposed to starting from scratch. You will get much higher quality content when asking for unique content.

Better Research Involved

While going off an article or blog post already written will save the writer time on research, this could actually end up hurting you in the long run. When a writer does his or her own research, they are mentally putting together a well-written and formatted article. However when going off content already researched, it can be more difficult having quality research and producing content that seems unique. When you request unique content, they do their research to their own specifications.

Receive Fresh Content

While an experienced writer can take the article you have and re-write it so that it is mostly unique, it won’t be as unique or high quality as completely unique content. This is because writers get more of an opportunity to put their own spin on content when they aren’t starting with something that has already been written. Requesting unique content is going to give you higher quality, in-depth research, and reader-worthy content for your website or blog.