Reasons to Ask for Published Content Samples

When it comes time to hire a writer for web content for your website, or new articles for your blog, you want to be sure you’re choosing an experienced and professional writer. The best way to do that is ask for samples. But not just any kind of sample in a word document. Ask for published content samples. There are many reasons it is better to request published content, rather than word documents, with the top reasons being you know it was them that wrote the content and you can view comments others have left on the content.

Instant Resume

Requesting samples that are published act as an instant resume. You will be able to find out right away how the writer organizes their content, the length of their average articles, what kind of research was involved, and the quality of their writing. It also gives you the opportunity to find out what websites, news publications, or blogs are hiring this writer. Published content shows where they have worked, even if it was just a guest blog post, and who was willing to give them a shot.

Writer Validity

Some writers like to send their samples in word document form, seemingly to make it easier for you to view and determine the quality of the article. However, when this occurs you have no proof they were indeed the one that wrote the article. However, when they send you links to published content samples, you see their byline on the article or blog post and know right away the writer’s validity and that the content was indeed written by them. It also lets you confirm the places they have written for on a professional level, such as an online magazine or local newspaper.

Comments and Ratings

Something people don’t often think about is that published content may have ratings or comments. This will let you know what kind of audience the writer has and what readers think of their content. Articles or blog posts with a high rating and dozens of positive comments gives you a good idea of their quality and how others will perceive it if you choose to use their writing services. On the other hand, you will know to avoid that writer if they don’t seem to have mostly positive comments or a low rating.

Style, Tone, and Formatting

Lastly, you get an excellent idea of the writer’s style, tone and formatting skills when you view published content. This comes off better when viewing it in published form as opposed to a simple text document. You will be able to see their chosen style or formatting in action and how easy it is to read.