Benefits of Article Content for Websites

Choosing the right kind of content for your website is vital. You want to reach the largest amount of individuals and network connections with your content. Your content needs to be informative and it needs to be valuable. If you are having issues choosing between blog content and article content then consider the following benefits of article content. These benefits may change your view on the type of content you offer and who it reaches.

Building a Professional Reputation

The main difference between blog content and article content is the tone. If your goal is to build a professional tone and offer information on a higher less personal level, then article content will help you do that. By offering well-written and well thought out articles, you will be able to prove that your business is solid and offers the information that others need to have.

Multiple Resources

When a business chooses to move forward with blog content instead of article content, the choice limits where that information can be posted. It means that readers must come to the site in order to see the information. They will either need to find the information on their own or they will need to find it through word of mouth. However, if a business chooses to use article content, they will open the door to multiple resource points. Articles can not only be posted on the site itself, they can also be posted on article marketing sites and other professional sites. With hundreds of sites devoted to article content, the options are endless.

Free Marketing

Blog content will offer free marketing options, however, article content offers a few more options for businesses. A business can choose to post articles on various sites. These articles reach a diverse population of people. This alone is free marketing. However, free marketing can also be found in hyperlinks within the article. A business can use keywords as backlinks to their website. This is a way for the business to allow individuals interested in particular topics to find their website and their product or service. It also registers with Google Adsense and brings even more opportunity for free marketing, network building and reaching new levels of clients or buyers.


For businesses looking at various ways to backlink, the use of article content should be at the top of the list. Consider the following scenario. Each article you write is a unique chance to offer information. Each article can and should contain three to four backlinks to blogs, content or portions of your site. So, if you write five unique articles and place them on five different sites, then you are actually creating information along with 15 to 20 backlinks. That is not a bad turn around for something that requires little effort.