Why You Should Never Spin Articles

Spinning articles means you are using a program to spin an article to make it unique. While these programs help an article that is already published be turned into a duplicate article that passes Copyscape, it very rarely looks like something other people would want to read. The main reason not to use article spinners is the low quality of the content, but there are many more reasons you should avoid them and hire a writer instead.

They Are Low Quality

Try using a free spinning program and reading the results you get. They are usually quite terrible and barely even readable. All the spinning program is doing is rearranging words and pulling alternative terms from a thesaurus. This leaves you with content that is extremely low quality and hardly makes any sense. Just editing the finished article can take the same amount of time as writing it from scratch.

They Require Extensive Editing

Do you really want to go through and almost rewrite articles you spun with a program? You mine as well just write it yourself or pay someone else to write original content for you. Unless you don’t mind putting up below average content on your website or blog, you will have to edit the articles you spin.

Search Engines Don’t Like It

Even though it technically passes Copyscape as being unique, it isn’t. And many of the more advanced search engine algorithms know the difference. They can see that it isn’t timely, original and rich content, and that it simply a poor version of another article already published. Articles that are spun generally have much lower page ranks than those that are written to be completely original.

It is a Poor Replication

While the words and phrases might be different enough to look original, the basic concept of the article is exactly the same. The same formatting, the same viewpoint, the exact same information. This is going to hurt you, whether it is being submitted to article submission sits or going on your own blog. Changing synonyms doesn’t mean you have a unique article with compelling and fresh content.

It is Unethical

Many people believe spinning articles is unethical because you are using someone else’s hard work to duplicate and put up as your own. As mentioned previously, you are using the same information someone else did research for, but changing some of the wording choices. Yours isn’t as high of quality, therefore the original article is going to get praise, while yours ruins your own reputation. If you are seen as an authority on a topic, this can ruin your reputation as spun articles are pretty obvious.

Instead of putting your reputation at risk and causing your page rank to suffer, have articles written for you or write them yourself. You won’t be sorry you spent a little extra time and money as it is well worth it.