5 Ways to Find Blog Post Ideas

If you are running a blog, there may come a time when you have completely run out of ideas. But there are probably hundreds or even thousands more blog posts you can write, but just haven’t thought of yet. Sometimes it is a matter of looking in the right place for inspiration, or taking one simply idea from a current post and creating an entire new series based on that. If you’re tuck, here are some ways to find new blog post ideas.

Look for Related News

No matter what type of blog you have and what the niche market is, there will be some news stories that are relevant. You can either check popular news websites or set up alerts so that these related stories show up in your inbox every day. For example, if your blog is about DIY plumbing projects, you can set up news alerts for things like plumbing, DIY home projects and other home repairs. These are bound to provide you with some interesting stories that can be turned into new blog posts.

Social Media Trends

Another popular way to find blog post ideas is to browse through current trending topics on social media sites. This can help you in multiple ways. If you can get a blog post written and published fast enough, you can have it written about a worldwide trend, as long as that trend is within your blog’s focus. Another benefit to social media is using the activity stream to inspire you. Log in to Twitter and just browse for a few minutes; you are bound to get some great ideas.

Read Other Articles

Find some other interesting articles on sites that tend to share different types of content. Sites like Reddit and Inbound are great for this, because users share all types of content. This is another way to get inspiration for your own blog post ideas, without appearing like you stole or duplicated other ideas. It is simply a stepping stone to your own unique ideas.

Look Through Your Old Posts

Start reading some of your old blog posts, especially ones with lists. This can help you narrow down the topic, if it was on something broad. For example, if your blog is about DIY home projects, and you have a blog post about the top tips for fixing plumbing issues, you can pick one specific plumbing issue to write a post about, such as clogging a shower drain.

Accept Guest Writers

Your blog’s objective is to have fresh, original content and keeping it updated regularly. If you need a break and are simply out of ideas, ask for some help. Many bloggers like to write guest posts on other blogs because it helps them get more attention for their own blog. Allow open submissions for guest writers, and give them some perks, such as allowing them to include their own links at the end of the posts they write.