5 Ways to be More Creative With Website Content

The purpose of having website content is to increase your site’s page rank to get a larger following. But this can’t be achieved if you are putting up dry, duplicated content that readers find all over the place. In order to stand out, your content should offer followers a unique perspective. It is important that you start getting creative with your content as listed in these five tips.

Finding Your Inspiration

The first thing you need to do to be more creative with your website content is getting inspiration. If your website has had the same mediocre content for a while, it is time to step out of your comfort zone and find inspiration wherever you can. This can be by checking out news sites, reading other blogs, following more people on Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram, or just going outside and finding some inspiration there if it applies to your type of website. Inspiration can come from just about anywhere, so always have a notebook ready to jotting down ideas.

Focus on Your Readers

Being creative is partially about what your readers want to see. If you have no idea, start reading through the comments left on your blog posts. Do you notice a trend? Is there a certain problems discussed by a lot of your readers? Do they have concerns, comments or suggestions? Comments from readers are a great way to fid some new content ideas and even let you be more creative by opening your mind up to new, fresh ideas.

Try to Go Viral

This isn’t always easy, but well worth it. Want to be more creative with your website content? Try to develop something that will go viral. Viral content is anything that becomes popular in a short amount of time. Viral videos, for example, reach millions of views in a matter of days or weeks. This is what you want to accomplish. Any type of content has the potential to go viral, as long as you use the right methods. Remember positive content that reaches deep into the reader’s emotions has the highest probability of being viral.

Incorporate Different Types of Media

If you have been focusing only on articles or blog posts, explore some other forms of media. Create some tutorials for YouTube or short snapshots that would be interesting to your followers through Instagram Video or Vine. Start adding interesting and captivating images with Instagram or Flickr. All of these things have multiple opportunities for being creative and getting more exposure.

Get a Guest Blogger

If you aren’t the creative type but are open to suggestions, start looking for guest bloggers. Give them some basic guidelines and make sure they write content in your niche market that would be appealing to your readers, as it essentially for them.