Keyword Research for Website Content

Website content allows you to rank your site with the top search engines, but just any content won’t be helpful. Many people find content through what is called organic search, where they use search terms in a search engine and choose from a list of results. Most internet users won’t go past the first page or so, so your goal as a site owner should be appearing on the first page of results. Keyword research is going to help you do this by choosing keywords others would be searching for in your niche. Consider the type of content and your target market when you choose the right keywords for your content.

Search Engine Optimization

The reason keyword research is so important is because of search engine optimization (SEO). SEO relies on the use of keywords that help others find your content through search engine results. The better the SEO is on your site, the higher up your page rank, and the higher up in the search engine results you will appear. This means doing research on the right types of keyword phrases that are searched for often, but have low competition.

Get Creative

Something to remember is that you aren’t just choosing keywords at random because they follow suit with your type of content or niche market. Yes, a lot of people are going to be searching for “wall art,” but this is much too broad of a category. If your blog is about DIY projects for wall art, then you should be creative and use some of these details, so your keyword becomes “DIY wall art” or “ways to make wall art.” It gives you some more options and opens your content up to what other searchers might be looking for.

Think of How You Search

Consider how you typically search for things. You probably very rarely enter only one or two words, but are more descriptive. Many searchers enter almost complete sentences or questions, so you can cater to this audience. If when performing keyword research for your DIY blog, you have found a series of questions often asked, feel free to incorporate them in your content keyword phrases.

Include Behavior Terms

Another thing to look for in your keyword search and usage is the use of behavior terms. Someone might not simply look up a term, but use descriptive and behavior terms like “easy” and “best.” This can be included in your titles and headlines, as well as the body of your content. If you find that many of your target audience is looking for easy ways to make wall art, use the word easy in the keywords you choose.

Related Topics

Lastly, research keywords in similar topics, but not necessarily the one you are choosing. Instead of looking up “wall art,” try some related topics like other forms of DIY projects or basic home décor projects.

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