Use Your Voice

Obviously, one of the most important and identifiable aspects of creating content when writing is utilizing your own voice or style. A lot of writers try very hard to strip away the defining elements that make it noticeable that they have written the piece. This is for a few reasons. Some writers fear that if they don’t remove their voice, their content will sound too predictable or will be too easy to copy. They don’t want to run the risk of someone copying their style, so they avoid using their style at all.

Although you may not be fond of the way you write, you shouldn’t give up on using it completely. Having an identifiable voice to your articles can make your work more enjoyable for your readers and keep it interesting. The elements that you may dislike about your voice may be some of the most promising elements when your audience reads your content. You have to think of it from the perspective that your readers keep updated with your content for a reason. If you sounded like anyone else, they might not be as interested in what you have to share.

This isn’t to say that you shouldn’t acknowledge that your content should fit a certain tone. Having a tone to your writing is much different than eliminating your voice. Your tone is what gives your content its flow and ensures that you don’t sound inappropriate. Obviously, if you are writing about sensitive subject matter, you want to ensure that your tone is going to match your content. You can maintain a suitable tone to your writing without having to sacrifice your voice in the meantime. This is something important to consider.

Sometimes when people have gone through too many content writing courses, they try to eliminate the use of their voice in their writing. Other times, they may actually forget how to incorporate this part of themselves into their content. The problem with this is that if you don’t have an identifiable voice in your content -- if you don’t share some part of yourself when you’re writing -- your readers are going to have a hard time connecting with what you’re sharing and relating to it. Content is great when it’s informational, but it’s even better when the content is informational and unique to your own personality.

In consideration of this, you’ll want to pay attention to how you use your voice in upcoming articles and other forms of content. Try to notice the different ways you express yourself that are completely unique to who you are. These are the elements that many of your readers will come to appreciate over a period of time as they continue reading your content and learning about what you can offer them as a writer and content provider. Try not to always be your harshest critic.

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