Use Short Sentences

Another complaint that some people have about content is the use of sentences and vocabulary. For the majority of your content, you’re going to want to use short sentences and basic vocabulary. Obviously, this is going to vary some depending on who your audience is, but you want to be able to address them in a manner that’s understandable and easy to relate to. This is especially important if you are writing content for a certain age group. You don’t want to use an elaborate vocabulary if you’re writing content for people that are at a lower reading level, for example.

One of the reasons that you will want to use short sentences is because it makes different parts of your content easier to remember. If you’re able to write something that’s realistic, catchy, and fairly short, people are going to remember it more easily. If it’s short and catchy, people are going to share it among themselves because they’re going to admire the way you used your words to explain the situation or describe the topic.

Additionally, if you use short sentences, it makes it easier for you to edit your content. Too many long sentences and run on sentences can make it difficult for people to follow what you’re saying in your content. It can also make it confusing for you to be able to edit your content because you might not be certain of whether or not a sentence should be trimmed down, turned into two separate sentences, or completely removed. If you can write brief sentences, you’ll instantly know which ones you should keep and remove when you start your editing process.

If you’re writing content for children or people at a different grade level, then you want to write short sentences so that they can follow what you’re expressing in the content. Simple vocabulary is important here because young children don’t understand the meaning of certain words and if they can’t understand what you’re saying, it’s going to make it difficult for them to be able to keep updated with your content and the story you’re trying to share with them.

Although it seems very simple, just using shorter sentences can be a major change for those who want to improve their content. It can make it easier for your audience to relate to what you’re saying and make your content much more memorable. This is crucial when you are writing content about a product or something that you are trying to promote. The longer that you can keep that information fresh in their minds, the more likely they are going to be to check out your product or service later on. For this reason, it’s very important to pay attention to your sentence structure and find a reasonable length that can appeal to a variety of demographics.

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