Think Like Your Reader

Before you dedicate your content to being solely about your opinions and the latest information that you’ve found out about a topic, take some time to put yourself in the position of your audience. One of the common mistakes that many writers make is that they don’t write their content for their readers - they write it for themselves. As a result, sometimes the concepts and information isn’t communicated correctly and even though you might understand what you meant, your readers don’t understand it at all and find the content hard to relate to.

It can be difficult to think of the context of how your reader may feel when they’re reading your article at first. It can be a good idea to make a list of questions that a reader might ask you if they were reading your article. Think about their demographic and what their lifestyle might be like. This can help to provide you with some general ideas about what your readers might think about your article and what they would want to know if they were going to read further on. Being able to understand your readers is key to producing good content.

If you’re having problems with being able to understand what your readers may think about when they’re reading your content, then ask someone within that demographic to present you with their opinion. Although this can be a little nerve-wracking for some writers, it’s the best way to gain insight into what your readers want to know about. Find out why they’re interested in reading your content, understand what draws them.

When dealing with online content, don’t be afraid to look back at some of your older content that’s been published and read some of the comments that readers may have left for you. Some of it will be negative. If you learn to take it as constructive criticism and address it with a grain of salt, then you will get more insight into the opinions of your readers. Even compliments can provide you with more insight into what you can expect and what your readers want to learn more about.

Never be afraid to ask questions. If you really want to understand your audience, ask them what their thoughts are about your writing and what they want you to write about. This will provide you with more insight than anything else.

When you have learned to think like your reader, you will find that writing content is much easier than you might expect. Being able to get into their mindset provides you with a lot more insight into the format of your article than you would even imagine. If you ever find yourself getting stuck on what to write regarding a topic, start thinking about it from the reader’s perspective; what would they ask or wonder about if they were reading your article?

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