Let Yourself Write

Have you ever found yourself going through the vicious cycle of deleting everything that you’ve written only moments after you’ve written it? This is something that almost every writer struggles with at some point in their life, especially when they are trying to create content to promote something. They don’t want to run the risk of sounding too ‘cheesy’ or too ‘simple.’ They want to create content that competes well with the other content out there. This is especially true if you are writing content for your site for the first time and you don’t want to come across as completely new to the experience.

Truthfully, most people who write content are harsher on themselves than they should be. This is especially true when writing content about products or trying promote your own business. Even though you might think that your content sounds too basic or simple, you need to remind yourself of the topic that you’re covering. While it’s possible to sound enthusiastic and passionate about your content, it’s completely different to overdo it. You don’t want to overdo it because then your content won’t seem believable.

If you’re promoting your plumbing business or plumbing products, for example, there’s only so far that you can go while sounding reasonably dedicated to your work. It’s okay if your content is simple and basic. There’s only so much that you can say about this type of niche or topic before it sounds completely outlandish. Use terms that you can relate to. Think of how you like to be approached about products or topics and write them from that basis.

Don’t judge yourself too harshly based on what you’ve written. Although you might be tempted to delete what you’ve written, don’t. If you really want to delete and edit parts of it later on, then do it when the content is finished. Allow yourself some time to really think about what you’re creating. If you constantly delete and destroy it in the middle of the creation process, it’s never going to get finished and you’re never going to like it enough to publish it.

Finally, don’t compare yourself too harshly when reading other people’s content. It’s important to accept that everyone writes differently, just as everyone approaches certain topics differently. While someone may have written a great article about fishing recently, it doesn’t mean that your article about fishing is worse or that you’re not on the same level that they are. It simply means that you take a different approach to handling your writing about fishing -- and maybe that’s what will get you more readers. People don’t want to read something that sounds exactly like everyone else’s content, so embrace your ability to write in a manner that’s unique to you.

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