Be Direct

Perhaps one of the most unfortunate experiences to have when providing content to your audience is to leave them confused about what you were trying to say or share with them. This happens when the writer is not direct enough in their approach towards the topic or sharing their opinion. Often times, writers may feel hesitant to share their opinion about something or promote their product because they don’t want to seem like they are doing too much self marketing or come across in a sales pitch type of tone.

However, if you’re not direct with your audience, they might not ever realize what you’re trying to communicate with them. This is especially true when you are dealing with content that is supposed to help you sell your product. Assume that you only have a brief amount of time to get your readers interested in what you have to offer. You don’t want to waste those moments with indirect statements or vague paragraphs. You want them to understand you completely so that they can think about what you’ve said and consider whether or not they want to invest in it.

Likewise, being direct in your approach is going to get you more interest from your audience. This is because a lot of content is written in a way where it tries to avoid the main point or shy away from the topics that people want to truly know more about. People don’t want to feel as if they’re being deceived or as if you’re holding back information from them. If you provide your information in a very direct format, they’ll know that you’re a trustworthy source.

For some people, it can be very difficult to write direct content. This is especially true if you are the type of person that tends to be a bit introspective or try to provide information in a more tactful way. Although you can get readers via this method, sometimes you will miss out on your audience because they will feel as if you don’t address the topics and issues directly. If you get too much of a reputation for that, they won’t want to come to you for information about your topic because they won’t view you as the expert on it -- especially when you are dealing with niches.

In this regard, it’s very important to stay active and make sure you state exactly what you mean when you’re creating content. Don’t leave room for your readers to wonder how you feel about something or whether or not your product is going to work. If there’s any disbelief that your product will work, then address it. You will find that your readers respect you even more than you might have imagined would be possible, just based on how you approach your topics.

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