Predicting the Best Content

Have you ever wondered what kind of content your audience might be interested in? Are you running out of ideas of what you should write about for your upcoming articles and blog posts? Thankfully, there are many resources available that can help you to make some fairly accurate predictions about the kind of content that you should be creating.

The Google Keyword Tool is a great option, especially if you are interested in handling anything SEO related. This tool provides you with actual searches that would match your search query. It allows you to see how many times certain keywords have been searched locally, globally, monthly, and annually. You can also get some insight into the number of searches for related terms, which may provide you with some hints as to what you should be writing about.

Using Q&A websites can be another great way that you can get ideas for your content. Sites like Yahoo Answers and LinkedIn Answers can provide you with resources for finding out some of those nagging questions that people commonly have. These sites are great because they can provide you with more insight into some of the topics that people wonder about the most, which can be helpful if you’re simply searching to write about something popular.

Trending topics are another good way to get ideas for content. There are a few websites which keep up with all of the trending topics that are occurring online. Trending topics are subjects that people are discussing highly throughout the internet or asking questions about. If you write content about a trending topic, there’s a good chance that it’s going to get a large amount of traffic to your site and you’re going to get new readers.

Using Google Instant can also be helpful. This can provide you with some suggestions for content based on the keywords while you type them into the search bar. Alternatively, you can use the related searches option, which will provide you with a few other suggestions that you may want to check out. This can be great when you are stumped on a topic or having writer’s block about ways you can address the topic.

Google Analytics is probably one of the most popular options. The content section of Google Analytics will provide you with quite a bit of information that will be able to help you with your content writing. You will get information on some of the most popular pages on your website and also information about the average time spent on the page and the bounce rating. You can even find information about the pages per visit, which are the average number of pages that a visitor checks out when they are browsing on your site.

All of the suggestions provided here can be used together so that you can have plenty of topic options when you are seeking to write. If you find that creating content is becoming a challenge, changing up the way you get your resources can truly make the experience much easier.

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