Reasons to Use Freelance Writers

Content Is Unique

One of the main reasons that most site owners prefer these options is because it means they know that they can trust that the content will be unique. Content has to be able to pass through Copyscape and other copyrighted/duplicate programs in order to ensure that the content is safe to give to the site owner and that it will be acceptable. Stolen content is never acceptable and spun content has its own rules that have to be followed in order to be considered suitable for use. For site owners who were responsible for writing their articles and posts on their own, it’s more likely that they’re going to appreciate unique content after their eventual experience with writer’s block and problems brainstorming on new ideas.

Spun Content Is Less Likely

In these circumstances, it’s far less likely that spun content is going to be provided unless the site owner specifically requests spun content. This is a great contrast to the situations where individuals have outsourced their content needs to “professionals” in foreign countries and received poor quality content which had too many grammatical errors, used the wrong words to describe the topic, or led to high amounts of spun content where none of the sentences were even decipherable. This is not to say that spun content is not possible at all, however. There are some site owners that specifically request and pay for spun content in high amounts, such as articles or posts in amounts of 100 to 200 documents per order. Ultimately, it depends on the site owner’s needs.

Great Alternative

For anyone who is not able to write content for their sites on their own, using freelance writers can be a great alternative. Many site owners know that they need content for their website, but they don’t know what they should write about. Sometimes they don’t have enough free time in their schedule to research the information that they need about the topics that they need content for on their site. They also don’t want to run the risk of having poorly written content in the meantime, because this would make them less likely to be viewed as an expert within their niche. Therefore, having the written content handled by freelance writers ensures that everything will be provided in a timely fashion with appropriate research and proper structure.


Of course, for any site owner who is dealing with a budget, most will admit that ordering their content via this method is much more affordable. Sometimes articles and posts can be ordered in a packaging plan, other times there may be other methods for making the content needs of the individual more affordable based on the amount of sites that they may have. In comparison to trying to pay for content to be written by a well-known online guru or expert, the price is much more affordable and provides the site owner with a greater amount of content than they would have had otherwise.

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