Why You Shouldn’t Use Spun Content

When you’re updating your website with new content, it is tempting to cut corners and save money by using things like spun content. The main problem is that you’re getting lower quality content and spending more time than you want on editing and revising in order to make it readable. Not to mention you’re spending money on a good article spinner, that could have been spent on hiring a decent writer.

What is Spun Content?

Spun content means it is an article or blog post that is put through a program in the attempt of creating a new article. It uses different tactics, such as choosing synonyms of words to trick plagiarism checkers into thinking it is unique. Search engines still pick up on it though, because it provides low quality content in return.

Saving Money Equals Lower Quality

Most people who choose to use article spinners are trying to save money. They’re getting free or cheap content, and want to use the information, but make it appear unique for their own site. So they figure they an just use a spinner to make it unique and save money on hiring a writer. But by saving money initially, you’re ruining your reputation and posting low quality work. You might not be able to notice it much, but your loyal readers certainly can.

It Requires Extensive Editing

If you think using spun content is saving you time, you’re going to be in for a big surprise. After running an article through a spinner, it appears awkward and doesn’t make much sense. It never flows right and the sentences don’t appear to be in the right order. You are still going to have to go through it and do some pretty extensive editing.

Readers Can Tell It’s Not Unique

Your readers can also tell right away when an article wasn’t written by you or one of your normal writers. Even if it is content where the topic is relevant to your subject matter or niche, the writing tone and style is awkward after using an article spinner. A human writing is always better than a program coming up with new words and switching around phrases and sentences.

Plagiarism Checkers Pick Up On It

Another thing to b aware of is tat even if you edited the content and it looks unique, the better plagiarism checkers can still pick up on it. The simplest phrase that was reworded can show up with these advanced checkers, which makes it obvious you used some type of article spinner program. Avoid this issue altogether by writing the content the right way.

Now that you know why you shouldn’t use spun content, you have reason to look for a good, qualified writer to produce content for your site. If you think article spinners will save you time and money, consider the extra effort that goes into using them.

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