Is Your Content Social?

Making website content social means to make it readable and sharable on different social media networks. Don’t disregard the importance that social media has for getting your content out there and getting media attention. Even if it’s a simple blog post or web article, it should be ready to be shared socially. This includes making it top-night, interesting, entertaining, valuable to a large audience, and free of errors.

Read it Twice

You should always read your content twice, especially when you plan to share it socially. Social media networks don’t like content with blatantly obvious spelling, grammar or punctuation errors. The occasional misspelled word or use of “to” instead of “too” usually isn’t a big deal, but when it’s so obvious you can’t seem to concentrate on what you’re reading, it’s going to have the opposite effect of what you’re going for. Take the time to read over your content. Another reason to read it back to yourself is because it should flow nicely, and this lets you know right away if it’s appropriate for sharing.

Make it Shareable

Posting your link once on Twitter or Facebook most likely won’t get much attention. To truly benefit from sharing your content, it needs to be shareable. There should be certain elements about the content that makes others want to share it with all their friends. Things like adding a picture, not making it too long or short, adding a video or audio file, or splitting it up into lists, all help content be more shareable for others.

Consider Your Target Market

Do some research on your target market and not just look for what they are interested in, but what they like to read and share on social media sites. Find them on social media networks and look at what they sharing the most. This is a good indication of how to change or update your content in order to appeal to the right group of people. If it doesn’t appeal to your target market, making it social isn’t going to benefit you much.

Post it on Multiple Networks

Another way to make your content more social is by posting it on more than one social network. One mistake many website owners make is by only choosing one social media site to post and share their content. But you aren’t going to reach the largest social audience by using this method. Post it to several outlets, such as Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and social bookmarking sites or sites like Pinterest. All of these are very social and really going to reach the right people.

Include Social Media Icons and Links

Many users are more willing to share content they find with their social media fans if there is a handy icon on the page or at the end of the post they can click to do it automatically. Make this a possibility for them.

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