How Much to Pay For Website Content

Website content, such as articles, blog posts and copywriting content, is there to improve your credibility. It is offering your readers something new and interesting that provides them value. It answers their commonly asked questions and offers some insight into things they may have not considered. Therefore, the question of what to pay your content writers often comes up.

Finding Good Web Content

The first thing you should know about paying for website content, is that you need to find good, quality, unique and exceptional content. Yes, you can get content for a few dollars an article, but in most cases, it’s going to be of very low quality. You will end up spending more time on edits than what it’s worth, and losing money in the end. To get good website content, consider paying more for it.

Why You Should Pay More

It’s simple; you get what you pay for. This is a common phrase because of how true it is, especially with written content. If you’re hiring a ghostwriter who is asking more than you’re used to, are you thinking he or she is scamming you? Probably not. You’re going to instantly wonder why they are charging more, and will be interested in seeing the type of value they provide. The content on your site is going to help you become more successful, therefore you should be willing to pay more for quality content.

How Much to Pay

Now it is getting down to exactly how much you should pay for your content. There is no set amount of what is fair or decent for content. So much goes into completing content, from the early stages when looking up SEO keywords and deciding on a title, to researching the article, writing, proofreading, editing and sending it to be posted or published. It is a long process, even for a short 300-word blog post. When deciding on your rates, or how much you’re willing to pay, consider what it is going to do for you and what you rate the value of the content at.

Why Rates Vary so Much

Another thing you will probably notice is how different rates can be from writer to another. This is why you should be looking at their experience and reading their samples thoroughly. Just because someone is charging $50 an article, doesn’t mean it’s worth $50. Look closely at each writer you are considering, and choose based on their merits, before seeing how much their going rates are.

Reasons to Avoid Low Rates

Here are some things to consider when you’re deciding between low and high rates for website content.

  • Low quality content needs to be edited, which takes time out of your busy schedule.
  • It may be of such low quality, you scrap it and have lost money by paying for content you can’t use.
  • The content on your site is to improve your business and reputation; poor content ruins your conversion rate and lowers your credibility as an expert.
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