How to Sell Web Content Services

Web content comes in many forms, including web articles, blog posts, about me and landing pages, product descriptions, and others. Web content on websites and blogs is what adds to their page ranking in order to get to the top of search engine results. As a writer, you have the opportunity to write and sell your content to websites, whether it is pre-written content or unique content assigned to you from various businesses. You can earn a living putting your researching and writing skills to good use with web content services.

Sell from your own website

The first way to advertise and sell web content services is by running your own website. This website can include a detailed portfolio of your writing experience, the types of businesses you have worked for, what services you offer, and what you charge for web content services. The website can be a small one-page landing page with contact information and ordering instructions, or have several pages with more in-depth information about what you can offer.

Sell pre-written web content

You can also write web content that relates to popular niche markets and sell these articles or blog posts on sites buying content, such as Constant Content. This allows you the freedom of choosing your own topics, deciding how much it will sell for, and not having to worry about choosing a domain, paying hosting fees, and maintaining a website. You will need to pay the websites a fee for hosting your articles and web content on their site, and wait for businesses to purchase the content.

Revenue Sharing Sites

Another option for selling web content is by writing articles for websites where you get a portion of the revenue. The revenue is usually either based on page views (outsiders who view your published article) or by the number of ads clicked. This works by publishing the article on the revenue sharing site, and when users click on ads from your article page, you earn a portion of the revenue. This is another way to have more freedom in your writing by choosing topics you’re familiar with. To earn more with revenue sharing sites, choose relevant topics, such as Christmas-related articles during the holiday season.

Social Media

The last way to advertise and sell your web content services is by advertising on various social media platforms. This includes Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, and others. Social media is used by millions of people every day so you’re reaching out to a large audience of individuals and businesses looking for unique web content.

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